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5 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Mac

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh, out-of-the-box Mac. It’s quick, you’re grinning ear to ear. But after the honeymoon period ends, you’re wondering why your Mac has become so slow and unresponsive. Here’s 5 Tips to help speed up your Mac:

1. HDD cleanup. If your HDD is teaming with stuff – be it applications, photos, videos, music – it’s time to do some serious organizing. Don’t be afraid to get brutal! If you’ve got a ton of data collecting digital dust, it’s time to delete it or back it up to the iCloud or an external device.

2. Uninstall applications. Following on, you can further clean your HDD by removing any applications with zero purpose. Most files such as photos and documents can be dragged to the trash, but remember that applications, such as games, office suites and photo editors, need to be cleanly uninstalled.

3. Update your Mac. It’s your responsibility to keep your machine up to date. Installing Apple’s latest macOS, which offers the highest levels of security and system enhancements, can lead to improved speeds for your machine. If you’re still getting issues, consider upgrading your Mac’s hardware.

4. Switch off visual effects. Most modern Apple products are renowned for their graphics and eye-candy visual effects. However, while they seemed great during your Mac’s speedier periods, now they could be contributing to a decline in system performance. Switch them off and keep an eye out for any speed improvements.

5. Empty caches. Your Mac creates many cache files to speed up application and website loading times. However, while an inherently beneficial process, it’s a double-edged sword, since our HDDs eventually get clogged up with cache data which can hurt performance.