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Is free Internet Security any good?

Internet Security is hard to define. It’s kind of like a protocol that you should stick to rather than a specific software package or tool. Software alone won’t secure you enough online, you need to be fully aware of ‘dodgy’ looking adverts and pages and be able to look out for signs that protect you further.

Free or paid internet security isn’t really a thing, but in order to be more protected we suggest buying and installing a paid antivirus suite. Now this isn’t technically paid internet security as some of the steps to take will be down to your own knowledge and experience (which is free) but this is a fundamental step towards proper internet security. Free antivirus software just isn’t sufficient enough, they usually don’t offer enough tools, limited settings in the control panel and scans can be restricted. It’s not worth taking the risk, we promise you that.

Another way of combatting Internet Security is to make sure you’re sticking to secure websites, but how do you know if a site is secure? In your browser, in the top left look out for https:// the ‘s’ stands for secure and is a whole lot safer than a standard http website. However, if you’re not processing any data or making payments online the standard http protocol should be fine. Back to making payments… so not only look out for https but also a padlock symbol in the top left. This should be on the same line as https, situated just to the left of it. This also ensures that the site is secure and safe to make payments on.

To conclude, make sure you’ve got a paid antivirus for a start, if not upgrade or buy one today! Also look out for simple tricks that have been implemented into modern browsers that show the websites are safe. Internet security is a big problem, we aren’t going to lie about that, but combatting it is easier than you think!